Building Preventive Maintenance

To meet the demands of our customers we offer preventive maintenance contracts to maintain building equipment. We realize that not all buildings are identical, that is why we customize our contracts to suit the needs of each individual building. Regular maintenance results in fewer large scale repairs on mechanical equipment, saving the building money and decreasing customer complaints.

In-Suite Maintenance

Thermo Cool has a dedicated crew that performs in-suite maintenance for all HVAC equipment. We can provide a custom tailored scope of work to our customer that adheres to their budget and requirements. In-suite maintenance is ideal for preventing floods and unexpected breakdowns. Our clean out department strives to meet deadlines, maintain the schedules set forth by property management and to minimize tenant disruptions.

Some of the equipment we commonly perform in suite maintenance on is:

  • Water source heat pumps
  • Fan coil units
  • PTAC units
  • Gas fired equipment (Magic Pak)
  • Dryer exhaust systems

Regular Maintenances

We offer regular maintenance and cleanouts to individual customers and entire building packages. Our technicians clean and inspect for proper operation of your equipment. We use chemicals to clean your coil and drain pan which reduces the amount of harmful bacteria that builds on the equipment due to moisture and condensation. Regular cleanouts will also save the customer from potential floods and future breakdowns. Most importantly maintaining HVAC equipment reduces dust and harmful bacteria.


HomeStars Review Our Work at Thermocool Mechanical

HomeStars Review Our Work at Thermocool Mechanical